Terrible Truths, Super Wild Horses – Morning Ritual, Copacabana, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-07-07)

Morning Ritual PosterWhat an amazing set of shows this is. There’s not a whole lot that I can say about these gigs that isn’t immediately obvious – amazing bands, awesome (weird) venue, incredible value. Unfortunately I had to work on the Saturday, so I missed out on seeing The UV Race and Early Woman (and then missed out on UV again a few days later when the power got shut off at Northcote, but that’s a story for later). Both of these shows sound pretty good, recorded from the back right corner of the dance floor.

Various gig clashes in the past meant that I’d never seen Terrible Truths live, but I knew they had a great reputation. I was very, very impressed. Joe Alexander is such a fucking good drummer. Eva picked up a copy of their split 7″ after the show and it’s also very good.

Terrible Truths

01 – Don Juan
02 – Lift Weights
03 – Diamond
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –
08 –

Total time 20mins

It had been years since I’d seen Super Wild Horses, and they’d certainly matured quite a bit as a band. Really cool set. I missed the first 10 seconds or so of the first song as the dic powered up. My phone had also died by this stage, so I couldn’t get a proper photo of the band.

Super Wild Horses

01 – Heavy Step
02 –
03 – You Have Two Feet (So Run)
04 – Alligator
05 – Memphis
06 – Fifteen
07 – Love
08 – Meant For Two
09 – I Want You
10 – Waikiki Romance
11 – Carolina

Total time 31mins


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