Prolife, Jonny Telafone, Horse Macgyver – The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-06-30)

Nice way to spend a sleepy Sunday afternoon; in a smokey bandroom being pummeled by synth tones. This show was supposed to take place in the Cobra Bar upstairs, but got moved into the main room for some reason. It would have been interesting to see these guys in that cramped upstairs room, but I didn’t really mind. Recorded from my favorite spot; center stage at the top of the stairs.

Two members of Slug Guts get together get together to create harsh, disturbing and abrasive synth punk. Pummeling drum machine beats accompanied by sparce synth, bass guitar and amazing outsider crooning. Did what research I could and I’m pretty sure this was one of their very first public sets – I can only find evidence of one other, their debut performance less than a month before. My unexpected highlight of the night. (Edit – I found a couple of songs on their Bandcamp page that I didn’t realize existed. I’ve updated the track titles below, you’ll have to change the mp3s yourself)


01 – Gold Leaves
02 – Overheated
03 –
04 –
05 –

Total time 17mins

It’s kinda impossible to give an accurate representation of Jonny Telafone’s live set in an audio recording – after all, he’s just singing along to his prerecorded tracks from his laptop. In fact, I almost didn’t post this – in the end I figured I’d include it for the sake of completion. Jonny Telafone is great live, he brings such a level of intensity that it’s often difficult to know whether to laugh or hide – think John Maus but less violent and more confusing. He’s well worth seeing, but you really need to be there to experience it fully. Sorry about the lack of track titles – I’m sure somebody would be able to help me out if they’d like to take the time. (Edit – Tom helped me out with most of them, I’ve updated the titles below.)

Jonny Telafone

01 – Can We Pretend A Little Longer
02 –
03 – Burning Hot Like Jesus Was
04 – Crazy, Crazy In Love, Crazy For Feeling This Way, Love It
05 – But Love Could Make Us
06 – Down In the Valley

Total time 21mins

Horse Macgyver goes all sorts of places in this performance. Presented as one continuous suite, he seemed to shift between pre-set sequences and free improvisation at will, the result being a sometimes jarring but very impressive set. At multiple times Horse Macgyver jumped off of the stage and roamed around the audience before, microphone in hand, lying down on the floor in front of the stage.

Horse Macgyver

Total time 29mins


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  1. Horse Macgyver sounds like a drunkk — loser.

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