Dribble, Multiple Man – Monday Night Mass, Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2013-06-24)

Mutiple Man Poster

Multiple Man’s label describe them as “primitive future punk”, which is an incredibly accurate way to describe the band, oxymoron or not. I wanted to catch Multiple Man at their Gasometer show on June 21 but couldn’t make it, so I was glad when they announced they would also be doing a Monday Night Mass a few days later (Monday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week). Both these sets were recorded from up the back, on the raised platform to the left of the mixing desk. I wanted to take the opportunity to try out a different position to usual, and I’m pretty happy with how it sounds. Hopefully I’ll be able to get good quality recordings for the more popular gigs from this position, as I think I can avoid the sound becoming too muffled by getting higher up. I didn’t record Velvet Whip or Headless Death.

There’s a lot of people that are much better at writing about punk than me, so if you want any kind of informed review you’re better off looking elsewhere. I quite enjoyed this set though – what sold these guys for me was the relentlessly dissonant lead guitar (criminally low in the mix). After this show I tracked down a copy of their demo cassette and that convinced me even more. Totally fucking blown out with that lead guitar exactly as loud as it deserves to be.


01 –
02 – Leather Lickers
03 – Girlfriend Pt. 2
04 – Victoria
05 – Nathan’s Song
06 – Slip It In
07 – Sci-Fi Odyssey

Total time 22mins


I’m really glad I came down to see these guys because they were great. The only downside for me was in the mix – I’m no expert but it sounded really muddy to me, often making it hard to hear the synth or guitar at different times. Still, they played great, and the recording is a very accurate reflection of how they sounded on the night.

Mutiple Man

01 – Body Double
02 – Typecast
03 –
04 – Spirit Level
05 –

Total time 29mins



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