Dire Ears, Penguins, Where Were You At Lunch – Monday Night Mass, Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2013-05-13)


Ahhh, Monday Night Mass. It has to be one of the best reasons to live somewhere near Northcote there is. I went to this mainly to see Where Were You At Lunch, but I’m glad I came early and saw Dire Ears and Penguins because they were both great. I went to this show on my own (all my friends who like noise had something else to do), so I was able to get in prime recording position without having to worry about anyone else. However, I’ve noticed that if you listen to this with earbuds (mine at least) it tends to sound really bass heavy. Sounds great though nice big headphones though, who knows it might just be my shitty earbuds. Hans Harms headlined this Monday Night Mass, but I left early because there were some friends of mine at my house getting drunk and I wanted to be there too.

I cut this recording off early – you really had to be there to get the full effect, and I didn’t know how much battery I was going to need so I thought it was better to be safe. Dire Ears was one guy with what looked to me like a table full of effects pedals. He had a insanely bright light behind him and had the PA turned up super loud. It was an incredible experience in sensory overload, my whole body was shaking with the vibrations of the noise. This obviously doesn’t really convey well over the recording, but I’ve included it because it still sounds pretty good to me. (Edit – Pete (the man behind Penguins and the excellent Vacant Valley label) let me know that Dire Ears is the solo project of Leon O’Regan (The Bunyip Moon). Thanks Pete!)

Dire Ears

Total time 6mins

Penguins took me by surprise – I had an inkling that they might be worth seeing due to the fact that they did a split 7″ with Cured Pink, but I didn’t realize they’d be as good as they were. Penguins are two guys – one that does extremely distorted vocals, as well as occasional guitar and synth, and another that wails on a trombone. They play along to pre-recorded drum beats and samples. The vocalist spent half the show flinging himself around shirtless and yelling at the crowd. At one point he pulled an axe out of a bag, jumped down off the stage and dragged it around the audience screaming. Pretty fucking great, definitely worth seeing if you get the chance.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –

Total time 26mins

These guys were great. Where Were You At Lunch is drummer Kishore Ryan (Kid Sam, Otouto), guitarist Samaan Fieck (Smash Tennis, Psuche, occasional Mad Nanna member) and bassist Peter Emptage. At the International Noise Conference the week before I’d seen absolutely amazing sets by both Smash Tennis and Kishore collaborating with Joel Stern and Alex Cuffe (I really wish I recorded those sets – if anybody has recordings I would absolutely love to hear them), so the idea of seeing Samaan and Kishore playing together was too good an opportunity to pass up. As expected, this set was fucking awesome. I’m pretty sure a lot of it was improvised, which made it harder to split this up into “songs”. The second track in particular could be considered more of a suite.


01 –
02 –
03 –

Total time 19mins


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