Sleep Decade, Atolls – Atolls Single Launch, The Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC (2012-10-27)

Atolls PosterI remember that this show, recorded at The Barwon Club on October 10 2012, was the first gig that a lot of people went to after The Nash closed down. There was this feeling in the air of it being a test as to whether The Barwon Club would be able to take it’s place or not. I for one came away from it confident that live music in Geelong might still have a place to go. Atolls were pretty much launching themselves as a band, along with their cassette, at this show – they hadn’t been around for long and this was the first time that a lot of people saw them. This whole night was recorded pretty haphazardly – I floated around the room in between sets and the quality of the recordings reflects this. I still think they turned out pretty good though. I don’t know a lot of the track titles from all of these bands, help out if you can. The photos on this post were taken on the night by Xavier Fennell, who let me steal them. Thanks Xav.

Amazing set from these guys, my personal highlight of the night. It seems like Adrian might have been fucked up on something, but who knows. I’m pretty sure he took his pants off at some stage to reveal board shorts underneath. Recording quality is alright; I wasn’t right in front of the speaker so occasionally someone will walk between me and it and things get a little muffled.


01 –
02 – The Same
03 –
04 – Best Of Moods (Vacation)
05 –
06 –
07 – Summer Of Rubbers
08 – Brekkie Bong
09 –
10 –
11 –

Total time 36min


This is only a partial recording of Sleep Decade’s set. I’m pretty sure I was running out of batteries or something on the dic, so I stopped it early to save for Atolls. Right at the beginning of this set during the intro / tuning up something happened to the bass amp and it fucking freaked out. The dic did not like it at all, and it blows out to all shit. I lessened the effect by dropping the audio in Audacity, but I could only do so much. It only happens a couple of times though, right at the start.



Total time 19min


This was the first time I’d seen Atolls, and I’m pretty sure it was one of their first shows. I was standing right at the front for this set, without anyone in front of me, so it turned out sounding pretty good.


01 –
02 –
03 – Words
04 – Mumble
05 – Water
06 –
07 – Morning Light (Girls)
08 – Darkness

Total time 39min



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