Mad Nanna, Nth Wheel, Silk Ears – Benefit Show for Dimitra,The Old Bar, Fitzroy, VIC (2012-02-03)

Here’s a recording of a show held on February 3, 2012 at The Old Bar in Fitzroy. It was organized to help local Melbourne musician Dimitra Bucolo (who’s played in heaps of bands, including Silk Ears) with medical bills and transport costs. I remember I came up from the coast just to go to this show; it had been a while since I’d seen Mad Nanna, and had never seen Silk Ears before, so I thought it would be worth the trip. It was; both bands were great, Nth Wheel was a really nice surprise, and I ended up with some real nice recordings of all three sets. Lower Plenty and Aktion Unit also played but I had to leave early to make it in time for a train home so I missed them, which sucks because they’re both amazing bands. A big part of why I moved up here was to avoid shitty situations like that from happening again; now I never have to miss anyone! All three sets were recorded a few meters back from the stage, right in the center. I love recording at The Old Bar – it’s small enough that it’s really easy to find a good spot with nice sound, and they always come up great.

The main band who I was there to see – they’re fucking amazing and this set was no exception. I can remember being a bit bummed out that they didn’t play for longer, but from my experience they tended to keep their sets short and sweet back then so it was no real surprise. Pat dedicated the set to Brendon Annesley, who had died that morning. From what I’ve heard Brendon was a big fan of these guys, and I think it was a great tribute. Not much more to say about this one – it’s a great sounding set from one of my absolute favorite bands in Australia; as far as I’m concerned it’s fucking essential. From memory, Mad Nanna at this show was Michael Zulicki on vocals and guitar, Pat O’Brien on guitar, Ian Wadley on drums and Jesse Dimmick on violin.

01 – I Made Blood Better
02 – My Two Kids
03 – No Title

Total time 16mins


I hadn’t heard Nth Wheel before, listening back on this set is even better then I remembered it. I can remember thinking it was incredibly loud – acoustic guitar destroying my ears loud. I think that’s why; it was ages ago so it’s kind of hard to recall. Maybe the uncomfortably loud volume was deliberate though – there’s certainly nothing comfortable about this set, and I mean that in a good way. Nth Wheel kind of reminds me of Kitchen’s Floor, but without the pop hooks that Mr Kennedy tends to chuck in there, so I’d say it’s much less palatable to a lot of people. I liked it; after giving this another listen I’m going to have to track down a cassette or something. I don’t now any of the song titles – please help me if you do.

01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –

Total time 19mins


Silk Ears are great, and I was really looking forward to getting to hear them live after thrashing their CDr and cassette. They’re a really different beast live; when the songs are not hiding behind the lo-fi production of their recordings it’s instantly more obvious just how great some of those hooks are. Boats… is a personal favorite of mine from this set, it’s great to hear Michael approach a song so differently than he would in Mad Nanna. Worth hearing, especially if you are already familiar with their output. I’m not sure of a few of these song titles.

01 – Tonight
02 –
03 –
04 – Boats…
05 –

Total time 27mins



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