Woods – The Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC (2013-01-18)

Here’s a nice recording to start out with. First show of Wood’s 2013 Australian tour, recorded on January 18 at The Barwon Club in Geelong. I had been waiting to see these guys for years, and I was ecstatic when they announced they would be opening their tour in my home town of Geelong. Needless to say, if you listen to the recording, they did not disappoint. They mostly played songs off their last three LPs (so no Twisted Tongue unfortunately), and concluded the set with an incredible fifteen minute version of I Was Gone. After seeing this show I ended up going to every gig they did in Victoria and enjoyed every one of them just as much as this one. Really great.
This was the first international gig I had been to in Geelong since the Nash closed down, and I was a bit worried about how it would sound. Apart from a few issues with Jarvis’s mic however, the set was mixed beautifully, and pretty much everything was crystal clear.
I recorded this about 6 foot from the stage, right in the center, and didn’t have many people in front of me so the recording came up really nice. Upon splitting up the recording I couldn’t figure out a couple of the song titles – either they’re new, from the one LP I don’t have, or I’m not looking hard enough. Either way, if you know the names of these tracks please let me know.

Woods, BC, 2013-01-18

01 – Pushing Onlys
02 – Suffering Season
03 – Cali In A Cup
04 –
05 – Bend Beyond
06 – Size Meets The Sound
07 – Is It Honest?
08 –
09 – Be All Be Easy
10 – Rain On
11 – Find Them Empty
12 – Blood Dries Darker
13 – I Was Gone

Total time 64mins



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