The Clits, Hierophants, Bonniwells – Anti Fade Residency, The National Hotel, Geelong, VIC (2012-07-19)

Anti Fade

Here’s an awesome one. In June of 2012 local fucking awesome bedroom label Anti Fade Records had a Thursday night residency at The Nash (RIP). This particular night was billed as both the launch of the Bonniwells’ Sneeze Weed album, and the Hierophants’ Bow Down To The Hierophants 7″, and had the awesome lineup of those two bands AND perhaps the most cruelly underrated band in Melbourne; The Clits. It was a great fucking show, and the recording turned out damn good. I was standing left of the stage, right in front of the speaker.

There’s some volume issues in this recording – when they started I had the dic’s recording volume set too high, so I had to turn it down mid song to avoid any distortion. I tried to fix it as best as possible with Audacity, but it’s still noticeable. It’s not a big deal though – the rest of the recording is fine, at worst you might have to crank it up a bit louder than usual. It was a pretty great set by these guys. They did a cover (Glory Box – I’m not familiar with the song, a quick Google told me it was originally by Portishead), and I’ve never seen them do it since. The kick pedal broke after the first song, which was the cause of the technical difficulties.

01 – Period Pains
02 – *Technical Difficulties*
03 – Bored Stiff
04 – Retardation
05 – Braindead
06 – 22 Past 5
07 – Spooner Bender
08 – Hot Box
09 – Glory Box (Portishead)
10 – Zoo Song

Total time 31mins


I can remember thinking at the time that this was the best I had ever seen Hierophants play. Jake was going fucking mental on the drums, I think he spent half the set standing up. There’s a few songs here that I don’t know the titles of – I only have the split tape, live tape and 7″ to go off, and those don’t cover all of the tracks they played. As always, if you can help me out with any of the titles that I’m missing please let me know in the comments. (Edit – Eva and Jake helped me fill in the blanks; I’ve updated the track names below, you’ll have to fix the mp3s yourself.) This recording turned out great, aside from some fuckwit who was standing to the left of me and felt like he had to give his commentary after each song. Thankfully he shuts up about halfway through the set.

01 – Submission (Sex Pistols)
02 – Thanks Anyway
03 – Super Sad
04 – Stink
05 – Straight To Your Head
06 – There’s An Itch
07 – Born Bored
08 – I, Demand
09 – Teddy Says
10 – Logging Off
11 – Gang Gang Bird

Total time 40mins


I’m not super familiar with the Bonniwells, I only have their first cassette and as this was their album launch I assume they mostly played stuff off that. This was the first time that I had seen these guys, and I can remember being particularly into this set towards the second half. They seemed to get noisier, which was nice. If anyone can help me out with track titles that would be great. (Edit – Eva helped me with a few, you’ll have to change the mp3s yourself.)

01 – From The Sunn
02 – Elk Beat
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 – Sun Fish Walk
07 –
08 – Crack Man
09 –

Total time 25mins



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